Investment Products

Accounts Receivable Finance

YIF will buy outstanding invoices or receivables at a discount from borrowing businesses (sellers). The borrowing business (seller) gets 70%-90% of the invoice financed immediately.

Supply Chain Finance

YIF will provide supply chain finance solutions in situations where the payment terms need to be extended. YIF facilitates the transaction by paying the supplier upfront as in factoring and concurrently YIF extends credit terms by up to 90 days to the buyer. This allows the buyer the time it needs to turn the product/services over to its clients.

Inventory Buyback Finance

YIF will provide inventory capital solutions by purchasing the client’s inventory at a discount. The Inventory buyback service provides clients with a short-term up to 180 days repurchase option, wherein the client can buy back its inventory. The client benefits by being able to obtain immediate liquidity to cover working capital demands while maintaining access to the products sold.